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Avalue Insurance has been amazing to work with!

Avalue Insurance has been amazing to work with! I’ve saved tons of money as they compare and shop prices and coverages for me! I have such piece of mind knowing that I am covered and they will automatically inform me if there is a better price that comes available with better coverage! Most impressive has been their full support and customer service. I had an accident and rolled my car, they helped me handle the claim and got coverage for my new lease, it took only one phone call! Recommend Avalue to everyone!
Clint A

...Recommendation comes strongly for Avalue Insurance.

Avalue Insurance is outstanding advisor for both business and personal insurance. Sarah is an excellent person to go to be educated and advised of what best fits each need. Recommendation comes strongly for Avalue Insurance.
marie t pierce
Marie T Pierce

I LOVE Avalue for their honesty and knowledge.

I LOVE Avalue for their honesty and knowledge. I go to them for all of my personal and business needs. Service unparalleled!!! Do yourself a favor and have them do an insurance audit to see if they can save you some money or get better coverage.
jason watts
Jason W

Sarah is a fantastic Insurance broker.

Sarah is a fantastic Insurance broker. She did a wonderful job evaluating all of our insurance and helped us make better choices. She saved us over $500 on our home insurance and was honest about the fact that we were better off leaving our current car insurance with our provider. We are now working on an umbrella policy to better protect our assets. She is highly ethical and does a great job helping her clients make informed choices about how best to protect their families and business. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for insurance or wanting to reevaluate their coverage. It is worth the phone call!
Doe K

Sarah is an exceptional insurance broker...

Sarah is an exceptional insurance broker…not only do I feel great about getting the best coverage and the best rates, I am educated on what each coverage item means to me…Sarah is a great resource all around and a true expert at homeowner’s and auto insurance (she is also one of the hardest working, honest brokers I know.) She does a thorough analysis on coverage and rates then provides me with the consultation and education I need to make a smart decision…. she finds the best of both worlds….the best coverage along with the best rates…..with her caring and personal touch. Isn’t that all what we are looking for in an agent/broker? I feel very safe with Sarah and will recommend her anytime to anyone….an online review can hardly do enough justice for the level of personal and professional service she provides.
eileen barker kitko
Eileen B Kitko

...excellent service.

Have worked with Sarah for several years. She is knowledgeable of insurance. She provides excellent service.
David S

Great service!

Great service!
joe mcvoy
Joe M
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