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Common Car Insurance Questions (and Answers)

Clearing Up the Confusion: Your Top Questions Answered

Car insurance can sometimes feel like a maze of confusing terms and complicated jargon. And if we’re being honest, that’s basically what it is — unless you’re an insurance agent, of course. That’s why we’re here to clear a few things up. Let’s talk about some of the most commonly asked car insurance questions (and easy-to-understand answers).

1). What does car insurance actually cover?

Car insurance can cover a multitude of things, but most policies typically covers three main things:

  • Liability: This covers damage you cause to other people’s property. It also covers other people’s injuries in an accident where you were at fault.
  • Collision: This covers damage to your own car in a collision, regardless of who’s at fault.
  • Comprehensive: This covers damage to your car from incidents like theft, vandalism, or natural disasters.

2). What factors affect my car insurance premium?

Several factors can influence your car insurance premium, including:

  • Your driving record: Accidents and traffic violations can increase your premium.
  • Your age and gender: Younger drivers and males typically pay higher premiums.
  • Your location: Living in an area with high crime rates or heavy traffic can increase your premium.
  • Your vehicle: The make, model, and age of your car can affect your premium. The newer your vehicle, the more expensive it is to cover it (which means higher premiums). On the flip side, older and/or safer vehiclesmay berewarded with lower premiums

3). Can I get discounts on car insurance?

Yes! Many insurance companies offer discounts for various reasons, such as:

  • Bundling your car insurance with other policies.
  • Having a clean driving record.
  • Enrolling in a safe driving program with your auto carrier to track your driving habits and save on your premium.
  • Completing a defensive driving course.
  • Installing safety features in your car.

4). Do I need car insurance if I don’t drive often?

Yes. Even if you don’t drive often, you still need to have car insurance. Most states require you to have at least liability coverage to legally drive. But aside from being a legal requirement, car insurance is also just a great financial decision. It’s a must for anyone who can’t afford to pay out-of-pocket for losses and damages (and spoiler alert: that’s most people).

5). What happens if I’m in an accident and don’t have insurance?

If you’re in an accident and don’t have insurance, you could face severe consequences, including:

  • Financial responsibility for damages and injuries.
  • Legal penalties, such as fines, license suspension, or even jail time.
  • Difficulty obtaining insurance in the future and higher premiums.

6). How can I lower my car insurance premium?

There are several ways to lower your car insurance premium, including:

  • Shopping around for the best rates.
  • Increasing your deductible.
  • Taking advantage of discounts.
  • Maintaining a clean driving record.

7). How do I find a good policy?

That’s where we can help. Avalue Insurance is a team of insurance pros who love helping people find policies that they can feel good about. Our friendly team is here to help you find the perfect coverage for your wants, needs, and budget. Let us take the confusion out of car insurance. Contact us today to speak with one of our car insurance specialists in Colorado! 

What is Collectors Car Insurance?

Cruisin’ in Style: Your Guide to Collectors Car Insurance


  • Here’s everything you need to know about collectors car insurance:
    • Collectors car insurance is essential for protecting your classic or vintage cars, as it caters to their unique needs.
    • Agreed value coverage ensures that you’ll receive the pre-determined value of your classic car in case of total loss, rather than its depreciated market value.
    • It often comes with lower premiums compared to regular auto insurance because classic cars are typically driven less and well-maintained.
    • It provides coverage for restoration projects, safeguarding your investment during the restoration process.
    • Specialized repairs from knowledgeable mechanics are available through these policies to maintain the authenticity of your vintage vehicle.
    • Coverage for car shows and events is often included, ensuring your peace of mind while showcasing your classic car.

If you’re the proud owner of a classic or collector car, you know that these beauties are more than just vehicles; they’re a piece of history and a labor of love. Protecting your prized possession is essential, and that’s where collectors car insurance comes into play. Here’s everything you’ll need to know about these specialized policies.

Why It Matters

Your classic car isn’t just any car; it’s a work of art, a nostalgic gem, or maybe even a family heirloom. That’s why standard auto insurance just won’t cut it. Collectors car insurance is specially designed to cater to the unique needs of vintage and collectible vehicles.

Agreed Value Coverage

One of the standout features of collectors car insurance is “agreed value” coverage. With this type of policy, you and your insurer agree on the car’s value upfront. So, if the unthinkable happens, and your beloved classic car is totaled, you’ll receive the agreed-upon value rather than the depreciated market value.

Low Premiums

Here’s some good news for your wallet: collectors policies often comes with lower premiums than regular auto insurance. Why? Because classic cars are generally driven less frequently and are meticulously cared for, reducing the risk of accidents. Lower premiums mean more cash in your pocket to spend on upgrading or maintaining your vintage ride.

Coverage for Restoration Projects

Whether you’re in the middle of a restoration project or planning one, collectors policies can cover the full value of your vehicle, even in its incomplete state. So, if disaster strikes during the restoration process, you won’t be left high and dry.

Specialized Repairs

Classic cars require specialized knowledge and craftsmanship when it comes to repairs. Collectors policies typically provide access to a network of skilled mechanics who understand the intricacies of vintage vehicles, ensuring your car gets the care it deserves.

Coverage for Car Shows and Events

Love showing off your classic car at local car shows or parading it in classic car events? Collectors car insurance often includes coverage for these events, giving you peace of mind while you share your passion with fellow car enthusiasts.

Protect Your Investment with Avalue Insurance

At Avalue Insurance, we’re not just your average insurance agency; we’re passionate about collector cars and understand the unique needs of collectors like you. We tailor collector car insurance policies to suit your specific vehicle, usage, and budget. Whether you own a vintage muscle car, a sleek sports car, or a rare classic, we’ve got you covered. Our experts will work with you to determine the agreed-upon value of your collector car and ensure that it’s protected against any unexpected mishaps.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes to realize the importance of collectors policies. Reach out to Avalue Insurance today, and let us provide you with the peace of mind you deserve! You can request a consultation right here online, or give us a call at (303) 773-3332 to speak directly with an agent! 

How to Get Car Insurance at a Great Rate: A First-Timer’s Handbook

Have You Been Wondering How to Get Car Insurance at a Decent Rate?

Then you’re in the right place! Whether you’re a brand-new driver or are just looking to understand auto insurance a bit better, this quick and easy guide is for you. Here’s how to get car insurance at a great rate (even if you’re not a car insurance guru)!


  • How to get car insurance at a great rate every single time:
    • Determine Your Coverage Needs
      • Understand the basic types of coverage, including liability, collision, comprehensive, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.
    • Understand the Factors Affecting Your Premium
      • Factors like driving record, age, location, vehicle type, and coverage levels impact your premium.
      • Finding the right balance between coverage and cost is essential.
    • Ask About Discounts
      • Many insurers offer discounts, such as multi-policy, good driver, good student, safety features, and low mileage discounts.
    • Consider Bundling Your Car Insurance with Other Policies
      • Bundling combines auto insurance with other policies like home or renters insurance.
      • Bundling often results in valuable discounts and lower premiums.

Here’s How to Get Car Insurance at a Great Rate Every Time:

1). Determine Your Coverage Needs

Before you start shopping for policies, you’ll need to understand the different types of auto coverage and which ones you’ll need. Here are some of the essentials:

Liability Coverage: This is the foundation of car insurance. It covers bodily injury and property damage in the event you’re at fault in an accident. It’s often required by law.

Collision Coverage: This covers damage to your vehicle in the event of a collision with another car or object.

Comprehensive Coverage: This takes care of non-collision-related incidents like theft, vandalism, or natural disasters.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Did you know that in Colordo alone, you have a 1 in 8 chance of getting struck by an uninsured/underinsured driver? Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage protects you if you’re in an accident with a driver who doesn’t have insurance or has insufficient coverage.

2). Understand the Factors Affecting Your Premium

Several factors impact the cost of your car insurance premium (or your “monthly payments”). These include:

Driving Record: A clean record usually results in lower premiums, while accidents and violations can lead to higher rates.

Age and Gender: Young and inexperienced drivers often pay more for insurance. Gender can also play a role in some states.

Location: Where you live can affect your rates. Urban areas may have higher premiums due to increased traffic and theft rates.

Vehicle Type: The make and model of your car, as well as its age and safety features, can influence your premium. The safer your vehicle, the lower your premium!

Coverage Levels: The more extensive your coverage, the higher your premium. Finding the right balance between coverage and cost is crucial.

3). Ask About Discounts

If you’ve been wondering how to get car insurance at discounted rates, then you’re in luck! Many insurance companies offer discounts that can help you save on your premium. Common discounts include:

Multi-Policy: Save by bundling your auto insurance with other policies like home or renters insurance.

Good Driver: Enjoy lower rates if you have a clean driving record. You can also qualify for good driver discounts through telematic apps offered by certain carriers. Telematic apps track and recognize your safe driving habits, and they could help you qualify for discounts ranging anywhere between 5 and 30 percent!

Good Student: Students with excellent grades can often score a discount.

Safety Features: Cars equipped with safety features like anti-theft devices and airbags may qualify for reduced rates.

Low Mileage: If you don’t drive much, you could be eligible for a low mileage discount.

4). Consider Bundling Your Auto Insurance with Other Policies

Bundling your auto insurance with other insurance policies, like home or renters insurance, is a smart move that can save you some serious cash. Not only does it simplify your life by having all your policies in one place, but it can also earn you valuable discounts. Insurance providers often reward customers with lower premiums when they bundle, making it a win-win for your coverage and your wallet. Plus, it’s just plain convenient – one less thing to worry about!

Want to Know How to Get Car Insurance Quickly and Easily?

Simple: let us handle it for you! At Avalue Insurance, we’re here to help you in finding the right policy at the right price. As independent agents, we have the freedom to let you compare multiple policies and multiple prices. Contact us today, and let our experts simplify your car insurance search!  

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