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Empowering the Next Generation of Local Entrepreneurs

Anyone who knows me knows that I love working with CrossPurpose. It’s the perfect opportunity for me to give back to the local community both as a business woman and as, well, a woman! But not many people know that I am also involved in CrossPurpose’s Change Agency program, acting as a mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs. I’m thrilled to be a part of the program, and I’m excited to share my journey as a volunteer and mentor.

Why I Love CrossPurpose

For those of you who are new here, CrossPurpose is a non-profit organization that is committed to abolishing poverty through various career and community development efforts. This neighbor-loving movement has seen over 929 alumni graduate from their Leader programs, and it has collectively generated over $20.7M in annual wealth. Since its inception in 2012, CrossPurpose has facilitated an average wage growth of 151%.

When I first discovered CrossPurpose, I knew it was the perfect fit for me. Since joining forces with this incredible organization, much of my time has been spent as a mentor, walking alongside the next generation of entrepreneurs. It’s been an absolute privilege to work with some of the most remarkable people that Denver has to offer, cheering them on as they defy the odds and pursue their career aspirations. Witnessing their unwavering resilience has been nothing short of inspiring, and to be honest, I can’t get enough of it! So, when I saw an opportunity to extend my reach through the Change Agency program, I took it.

Why I’m So Excited About the Change Agency   

In 2018, CrossPurpose launched a career development program called the Change Agency. It functions as an entrepreneurial training program for CrossPurpose graduates. This nine-month journey equips participants (known as “Change Agents”) with the tools, training, and coaching needed to develop their businesses. From ideation to financial planning, Change Agents receive comprehensive support at every stage of the entrepreneurial journey.

To date, the Change Agency has risen up 15 new companies and non-profits, seven of which have added 34 new jobs to Colorado’s economy. These companies continue to add value to our local economy, and they are currently serving over 5,800 Coloradans.  

The culmination of the Change Agency program is Pitch Night, a thrilling event where Change Agents present their ventures to a panel of expert “Dolphin” leaders and potential investors. (Think Shark Tank, but with less cameras and dramatic cutaways). This year marks our fifth-ever Pitch Night, scheduled for August 28, 2024. All of the funds raised on Pitch Night will go straight to the entrepreneurs after they have completed their pitches.  

As a mentor in the program, I’m rooting especially hard for my mentee this year: Mercedes Corvarrubias. With her troubled past behind her and a steadfast mission in front of her, Mercedes plans to start her own bookkeeping business for local businesses in the start-up phase. 

To me, Mercedes is not just a mentee; she’s an inspiration.

More on her story next time, though.

For more information on CrossPurpose and the Change Agency program, please visit their website here.

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